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welcome to my containment zone for all things animegao kigurumi.

if you're curious about kig, you can check out the Kigurumi Guidebook. they have details on where to buy masks, hadatai, etc. you can also check out OpenKig, which is a resource for 3D printing your own mask.

my mask is from Nukopan, customized by me.

here are some progress pictures of my kig from @nukopan. as of 08/11/2021, it is still unfinished. i am not a professional and i work full time, so please wait warmly. the bear ears are customs from

i also have a twitter thread showing my wip and poorly explaining my steps.

this is me borrowing my friend's mask, Rika! you can find her on Twitter @spidernatalie

borrowing one of @spidernatalie's masks, Jenny, at Katsucon 2020. Obanai is @nerdycos